7 Tips for Cultivating Healthy Romantic Relationships

Staff Writer

The well-being of our relationships affects our physical and mental health in ways most people may not be familiar with. Taking part in a healthy relationship has been linked to better physical and mental health. While an unhealthy relationship can often be linked to higher stress levels and an increase in high blood pressure. A recent study has found that those who are in a happy partnership are 50% more likely to have better health quality overall.

1. Find the Perfect Balance

Finding the perfect balance can be a bit tricky in new and even old relationships. A great metaphor for this is to think of stand up paddle boarding lessons. You would want to try your new hobby out on flat, calm water, not rough waves that will leave you unbalanced and struggling. For the most part, you want to aim to have a calm relationship that does not have turmoil at the center.

When you care about someone it is easy to put their needs before your own, but you still have to remember yourself and who you are as an individual. The key is to preserve a sense of balance so both of you do not feel caged. This can be encouraged by both of you showing mutual respect for one another as well as being supportive in each one’s endeavors. This is a great time to venture out on your own and try to find a hobby just for yourself to take part in. Participating in joint and private hobbies is really what keeps a relationship fresh.

2. After a fight, move on!

It is OK to not agree on everything within your relationship. More importantly, it is OK to have a fight. Take the book, Real Sex By Lauren F. Winner which shows how chastity can play a huge part in a working relationship that includes conflicts. Disputes that are left unresolved can build up and cause resentment over time. While some younger people may resort to the silent treatment in the end that childish behavior solves nothing and usually makes the argument worse. Being able to handle conflict is a necessary tool to have in your relationship toolbox.

By holding on to issues it can also cause stress that is just not needed in your life. If you struggle with talking out your issues, try to banish attacking one another and point the blame on the other person. It takes two to tango, so it is important you understand your part in the disagreement. Try your best to stay calm, cool, and collected when finding a resolution. Once an issue is talked out and resolved you have to put the incident behind you and move on. Take a page from Elsa’s book and let it go.

3. Find Your Happy Place

It is important to try and take happiness into your own hands. If you haven’t taken a trip together in a while it may be time as it will surely be a site for shore eyes — pun intended since a great idea is to head to the beach. Water in general is a calming tool that makes most feel at peace. If you know you are in need of a break you should embrace it. Others can’t take responsibility for your happiness and in life, there will always be outside circumstances that may try to bring your relationship down. Don’t let it.

Embrace the two of you and the idea of reconnecting on a trip. Whilst on your trip you can try to figure out together how to deal with issues you can’t control. It may sound silly but making an “I am Grateful” list is a really great way for both of you to realize how strong your relationship actually is. Try and go on an adventure, find a walking path, and see where it takes you. While exploring you will find it easier to open up and talk.

4. Make a Safe Space


Try your best to share your feeling with one another honestly. Trust in a relationship is one essential that a couple needs for a strong foundation. Being able to share your emotions is very important because most people just want to know they are heard. It has also been proved that having a supportive partner helps others feel safe within their relationship and more stress-free. Make sure to always show that there is a safe space where your lover can come to you without fear of reprisal.

5. Communication Is Key

While most would tend to think of communication as only verbal, you should also make sure you are communicating physically by showing your love for one another. As people grow more comfortable with each other sometimes they lose physical contact which can decrease the sense of love a spouse feels. It has been proven that this tends to happen more when there has been cheating or a serious life event. Even small signs of physical attraction can perk your partner up. Try placing your hand on their back or touching their arm to let them know you are thinking about them. You can also try making sure you give them a kiss before bed or before heading out the door to work.

6. Celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Being happy for one another is a massive part of a healthy relationship. When your partner accomplished a feat such as a promotion, you want to be their biggest cheerleader so they know you are very proud of them. And vice versa they should do the same for you when you achieve something great. Being able to share in each other’s success is a great way to bond, show, and feel the love between the two of you. It shows your partner that is just as invested in their success as they are and that notion will continue to propel them forward with a positive outlook that will help you maintain a healthy relationship. Validation is a key factor to also feeling worthy in your relationship.

7. Hit the Gym

Obviously, not everyone is going to be a supermodel but it is vital to keep one another interested. As we get older our bodies will begin to change and there is just no denying that but if you actively try to take walks together or an exercise class both of you will feel more rejuvenated. This also applies to keeping your brain active. No one wants to have the same conversation day in and day out or have to listen to someone else ramble on about a subject they don’t care about. Keep in interesting people!

You want to make sure you are actively listening to your partner’s interests as you may find you share some of the same. It could be a fun idea to go and take a course together in something you both are interested in. It will definitely keep you on your toes and maybe being back in the old classroom may just spark up some old feelings. Neither of you has to be perfect but it could be fun trying to improve yourselves together. Growing together is one of the best ways you can feel close to your partner.