Adding CBD to Your at Home Relaxation Routine

Staff Writer

You deserve to relax. This year has been devastating for several people for a multitude of reasons. Between the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming 2020 election, there is a lot of tension going on in the United States. It’s essential that during these stressful times, you make yourself a priority. In fact, you should be indulging in self-care as often as you can. That includes resting your body and mind by incorporating daily relaxation routines.

If your nerves have been all over the place, stay still and check out CBD to relieve some stress. It’s likely that you’ve heard of this sensational cannabidiol, derived from cannabinoids found in the hemp flower. Not to be confused with THC (the psychoactive element in the marijuana plant), CBD doesn’t get you high. It does, however, act as a reliever, which can aid in bringing you relaxation. Anxiety relief, sharper concentration, and better sleep are also additional benefits of taking CBD products. This natural remedy has proven to be a huge resource for those who need assistance in relaxing and calming their nerves.

CBD products come in an array of forms. Whether it’s CBD oil, tinctures, edible CBD candies, or joints, you’ll be sure to find the right way for you to get the most out of a CBD supplement. If you prefer to smoke your CBD supplements, Plain Jane is a great company for you to check out. Plain Jane, which LA Weekly named as one of the best CBD flower and hemp flower companies of 2020, sells the purest hemp and CBD products around. Plain Jane stands out from other smoke shops by providing buds and wild hemp that are grown on local farms in Oregon. Here are a few standout CBD products you can purchase from this company:

  • Hemp Flower: Plain Jane has an enticing selection of strains to choose from. Their hemp flowers come in several fruity flavors such as pineapple, berry, and cherry. With a grinder, you’ll be able to break these CBD flower strains down to your preferred size before rolling them up in your own CBD joint.
  • Pre-Rolls: Pre-rolls are always the perfect option. You still get to enjoy the product without any additional work on your end. Plain Jane has some of the best CBD cigarettes available; check out their CBD hemp cigarettes on their website for your first purchase! (Plus, if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive coupons that may get you free shipping!)

If you’re wondering if CBD is safer to smoke rather than tobacco cigarettes, let us ease your mind: it definitely is. Tobacco products have been known to have several risks, including lung cancer, heart disease, and addiction. Smoking a CBD cigarette or a hemp cigarette doesn’t cause any potential harm to your health. Instead, it gives you a chance to slow down, take a break, and relax whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate CBD products into your morning or night routines. Sometimes you need your peace in the morning, and sometimes you need to relieve some stress before bedtime. Whenever you’re looking to take CBD, it would make a nice addition to tasks such as doing your morning and nighttime routine. There are even CBD oil products that can be used for your skincare, so you could easily include that! You can also enjoy them while you’re watching a show. After all, what’s better than watching your favorite show or listening to a podcast? Feeling delightfully relaxed at the same time! Lastly, you can use CBD cigarettes to take mini-breaks during the day. Whether you’re working from home or out braving the streets as an essential worker, everyone needs a break. Take five minutes to step away from your responsibility and cherish a few moments of serenity.