Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Staff Writer

When it comes to designing your own bathroom, you’re going to want to plan smartly as these projects can cost a lot of money. However, if you plan it well, you can save a lot of that money as well. Planning your bathroom’s improvement project carefully can take a lot of time but it’s not impossible. You can also hire someone to make it happen for you but this will require you to pay for labor costs on top of the material costs. Here are some design tips you should know prior to remodeling your bathroom.

Get inspired.

Get inspired.

When you lack creativity during the planning phase, you can do good, old-fashioned research on Google for bathroom remodeling ideas. You can also use social media such as Pinterest and Instagram to get inspired with existing projects and products to add to your new bathroom. On these sites, you’ll be able to see ideas for paint colors, tiles, bathtubs, showers, fixtures, color palettes, and other features you can add to the bathroom. You can save these images to your phone or computer so you know where to look when buying the materials for the renovation project.

Decide between adding a shower or a hot tub—or both.

Your bathroom’s main attraction is the place where you’ll be taking your daily showers or baths. This can be a standing shower as well as a bathtub or even a jacuzzi. You can make it whatever you want it to be. If you opt for a hot tub, you can double your bathroom as a spa for those extra stressful days at work that requires a bit more pampering than usual. If you opt for installing a shower, you can add frameless shower screens for an elegant and timeless look. These frameless shower screens will give your bathroom depth and a touch of durable luxury that fits your simple yet sophisticated lifestyle.

Know how much remodeling will cost.

remodeling cost

So by now, you may have a ton of ideas to work on regarding your bathroom remodel. However, it’s not the time to go crazy and spend your money on everything that you deem necessary or essential for the remodeling job. Take some time to evaluate your budget and how the project will fit into it. Establish a savings plan if you have to prevent getting a loan that will accrue interest over time. You will need to add up the individual costs of the materials you’ll be needing for the job and determining how much you can spend on it. This process can be lengthy but essential to the project.

Plan your lighting and wiring.

Moreover, you’re going to want to plan your lighting and wiring. For instance, if you plan to add recessed lights to your shower or more outlets or lamps, this is the moment to consider what it is that you want electronically speaking. Maybe you’re going to need to rewire some cables to fit your preferred aesthetics. You can hire an electrician to help you determine if your ideas are feasible and what changes you’ll need to make. They can even make the changes themselves if it’s included in their services.

Understand your bathroom’s dimensions.

bathroom’s dimensions

Lastly, you’re going to want to know the size of your bathroom. The worst thing that could happen is that you overspend on things that don’t even fit in your bathroom. At this stage, you can make a floorplan of your bathroom and add the things you want with precise dimensions and specifications so you can wisely use up all of the available space without going overboard. Using a floor plan can also help you determine if an extra jacuzzi is a good fit for your new, fresh, and fancy bathroom.