Home Decor Hacks to Amp Up Your Style

Fashion Editor

After spending so much time at home through the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s only natural to want a new style of home décor. But, for better or for worse, even the most tastefully decorated space can use an occasional makeover! Thankfully, there are many ways you can amp up your home’s style. Whatever your budget, your desired result, and your existing interior design (or lack thereof), you can transform your home and outdoor areas easily. Best of all, you can customize the decorating process to fit your preference—if you want to showcase elaborate outdoor planters on your patio, you can do so. Or, if you’re interested in refreshing your indoor space with some custom artwork, you can certainly do that, too.

Bring the outside in.


One of the simplest ways to revitalize your home is to incorporate some natural touches. Whatever your preferred style, you’ll find a planter or pot to make your indoor take on outdoor space an extra-special part of your home. Browse a specialized shop like Pots Planters and More (https://potsplantersandmore.com/) for the best selection of pots and other planter options to house your indoor plants and greenery. From the elegance of bamboo to the simplicity of a snake plant, the right plant—and the right planter—can entirely transform a room, a doorway, or a walkway.

Create décor from what you already have.


Save for the strictest of minimalists, most people have a wide variety of decorative options around their homes already. So, browsing your belongings is a great way to amp up your interior design while getting creative. First, choose a piece you’d like to upcycle. Then, figure out a few ideas of your own, or turn to the web for some DIY inspiration. From wall art to storage and custom furniture to décor, you’ll have some unique, budget-friendly pieces for just the cost of your time and effort—and maybe a few extra supplies to perfect your design.

Take inspiration from the past.


Vintage pieces are popular for good reasons, and home décor is no exception. Head to an Etsy shop or local thrift store and browse what items you can incorporate in your interior design plan. Thanks to the quality material used to make many vintage items, you can find fantastic, durable items in excellent shape. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find a range of sizes, styles, and products to choose from. With options like a container to hold essentials in your home office space or a vase that will become the focal point of any room, a vintage decoration can make your indoor or outdoor space better than ever before. And, like DIY décor, you’ll have a particularly unique piece, too.

Hit reset on your current style.


In most instances, you’ll have some sort of interior design plan implemented already. It might not be well thought out or painstakingly planned, but you probably have a few planters or other décor strewn throughout your home. Something as simple as rearranging a room can give your home a whole new look, while a change as easy as swapping your hardware or curtains can refresh your home.

The beauty of decorating (or redecorating) your home is in the endless opportunity for customization. Whatever style you’re hoping for, you’ll find great choices to make it happen. That might be finding just the right planter to house a relaxing lavender plant, or it may be a matter of browsing online for a unique piece to brighten up a room. No matter how you go about refreshing your interior design, you’ll know that you’ve made the right choice when you see how much you love your space. You deserve a home you love and, by incorporating your favorite design hacks, you can make that happen.