Home Improvements You Should Make Before Moving In

Senior Content Editor

Moving into a new home can be challenging, especially if you have to shoulder all the tasks, from contracting a moving company to packing your belongings. The process might be twice as stressful if you have little time to plan, execute, and return to work or normal life. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure both the old and new locations are in the right condition. As a new homeowner, you may need a few touch-ups for your new home before wrapping up on the whole moving experience. Here are some home improvements you should make before moving in.



Your home’s security should be a priority. Many homeowners in the United States have been victims of several burglaries and theft cases. Therefore, the first thing after contracting your moving company is to change the locks. This is especially important if you plan to store your belongings several days ahead of the move day.

Also, it’s best to hire a professional moving company you can trust, especially if you won’t be around to manage the move. These days, finding a trustworthy company can be as simple as a Google search. For instance, a quick Google query for “Phoenix movers” can bring up several local companies within Phoenix and surrounding areas in Arizona. You can review suggested options based on their customer service efforts and years of experience.

Window Insulation

Home improvements cover many options, and it’s easy to be spoiled for choice. But your windows and doors can be a good first place to look at, especially if you will be experiencing changing seasons. Check your new windows for energy efficiency. You might need window replacement services if you start experiencing heat loss and irregularities in your energy bills. Window insulation can be an important factor in guaranteeing the comfort of your home.

Older windows may have deteriorated over the years, leaving spaces around frames. It’s not advisable to leave older windows unattended, as it can make living in and out of different seasons difficult. The longer these window issues stay unresolved, the more you expose home systems like HVAC to damages.


Painting your home’s interior can be a great way to begin your settling-in process. Often, homeowners relegate their painting jobs until they have moved in, which might not be the best option. Giving new paint jobs a little more time can be a great way to avoid uncomfortable breathing and other health risks, especially if you have kids or underlying respiratory conditions.

It’s also crucial to outsource your paint jobs to professionals who understand the role colors play in the comfort of your home. Color experts reveal that some specific colors can lighten your mood, especially after a hard day’s work. Generally, warm, earthy, and monochromatic colors should suffice, but you can consult an interior designer for more customized options.

Deep Cleaning


After all the upgrades and construction works, how you clean your new home can be crucial. You may have to deal with paint stains and other hard-to-clean situations. Also, the scent from paint jobs and other home improvements can last long if you don’t clean immediately and effectively. You can outsource cleaning jobs to professionals with deep-cleaning machines and methods to rid your home of unpleasant scents and hard-to-clean stains. DIY cleaning can be an alternative, but it must be done right.

Also, try to call a pest control service. And no, you don’t need to see a rat first. Pest control can be proactive due diligence rather than a service you fall on when pests have already ransacked your home, especially if you need that peace-of-mind guarantee.

All in all, settling into your new home shouldn’t give you too much stress. Contracting the best in the moving industry can afford you a hassle-free moving experience. The home improvement tips in this article can help you ready your new home for a smooth transition.