How Much Does Cremation Cost?

Senior Content Editor

The funeral industry is quickly expanding in both scope and price tag. While none of us can outrun the tax man or death, it seems that a third guarantee in life looms large in the years ahead: a huge, expensive funeral service.


Cremation offers a dignified alternative to the costly and exuberant funeral option of burial. While it may be the traditional route, more and more Americans are choosing to honor their loved ones with the choice – for themselves or for their family member – of cremation instead.

Cremation is a time-honored tradition, too.



From ancient times through to the modern version of this tradition, a sendoff by fire is as traditional as any other type of funeral service. In the modern iteration, those being cremated are dressed in their finest clothes, made up with a ManiMe manicure, makeup, and conscientious hair care, and waked, just like at any other funeral. Cremation is a fantastic option for those who aren’t particular about a burial or the after-death arrangements, more generally.


Burial certainly remains a classic choice for many in the United States and around the world, but with a rise in mobility among younger people, the draw of a forever space for your remains is weakening. Rather than plant your body in one location for the rest of time, a cremation service can give you the ability to place your ashes in an urn that can be carried from home to home and city to city. Indeed, many people who choose cremation opt to ask their loved ones to spread the ashes (or a portion of them) in a favorite park or holiday destination. Doing this is a great way to truly become one with nature in the grandest sense.

Cut the price tag with a cremation.

Searching the internet for ‘cremation near me’ is a great way to find crematorium locations in your area. Once you’ve decided on the crematory facilities that meet your needs it’s time to start talking price. Many elderly Americans are shocked to find out that cremation can cost half the price of a traditional burial service. This is because a cremation skips many of the most expensive components that go into the other typical option. For a burial, you will need to factor in embalming and other related processes, as well as the casket.


A casket averages around $2,000, but can go for five or more times that price if you opt for a fancier model that utilizes metal or customized design elements for added style. For cremation, you will need a simple pine casket, typically costing in the low hundreds of dollars. By cutting out these additional costs, you can really reduce the price tag that is left behind for your loved ones when you pass on. As well, a direct cremation can eliminate many other associated costs, but leaves your family to simply give over your body without a wake or any additional services. When it comes to minimizing the price of death, cremation is your best option by a long shot.

Consider funeral arrangements as an extension of your healthcare.



Funeral arrangements are best thought of as an extension of your ongoing healthcare costs. By tackling this expense in this manner you can dilute the price with the help of a life insurance payout or funeral insurance policy. Tackling the planning and payment obligations of a funeral while you are still alive is just as important as maintaining your appointments in the walk-in care center in Staten Island, NY that you keep with your doctor. An urgent care visit to deal with heart issues, Covid-19, or a fall won’t wait, and neither will the need to plan your funeral. This falls under the same umbrella as your emergency room or urgent care needs.


Planning your memorial service and funeral arrangements with your family members doesn’t have to be an exercise in morbid thought. Instead, this can be a bonding experience in which you share your feelings about one another and about these intimate wishes for your sendoff. Considering these plans as a healthcare item in your mental ledger will help you make time for speaking about your wishes so that you will get the dignified memorial service that you want. Without this planning, your family members will be left to decipher your wishes on their own, contributing to greater mental anguish as they each progress through the stages of grieving.


Cremation is a wonderful option for those who want an intimate setting for their closest friends and family. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your funeral and memorial service creates lasting bonds and partnerships between families that may not see one another as often as they’d like. By taking the time to outline your wishes you can get the service you deserve at a fraction of the cost.