How to Find a Tattoo Removal Laser Clinic

Fashion Editor

For centuries, tattoos have been the most popular form of body art and personal expression for millions of people. Tattoos have huge significance in certain cultures, and they have been for generations. In the United States, there has been a steady increase in the normalization of tattoos. In the past, many people in the US have been discriminated against for their body art, and they’ve been stereotyped as unprofessional or delinquent. While it’s now much more socially acceptable to have tattoos and tattoos are more common, people are also becoming more accepting of the idea of tattoo removal.

Tattoo regret is completely normal, and just because you have some tattoos that you no longer want doesn’t mean you no longer love tattoos. Some people lose their emotional connections to their body art over time and want to make space for new pieces. In the past, before tattoo removal technology had progressed, the removal process was time-consuming, expensive, and much less effective than it is now. Complete removal would take months of painful laser removal sessions that would cost hundreds of dollars each. As time has passed and new techniques have been developed, laser tattoo removal is much more affordable and accessible.

Finding Experienced Tattoo Removal Experts


If you’re looking to remove an unwanted tattoo, you’ll want to find a clinic with highly skilled and experienced specialists. The Fresh Start Laser Clinic has locations in both San Antonio and North Austin, TX, and they are considered to be some of the top tattoo removal treatment clinics in the country. The doctors at Fresh Start understand that there are a variety of reasons why someone may be seeking laser treatments, and their staff is committed to offering high-quality services with compassion in a judgment-free environment.


Cosmetic laser treatments have different effects on different skin types and pigmentations. At Fresh Start, they use top-grade laser technology to ensure that everyone has equal access to the tattoo removal treatments they need. A simple and free consultation with the experts at Fresh Start is all it takes for you to make a plan for your treatments. With their state-of-the-art technology, they can remove tattoos of any size and ink color in less time than their competitors. They also offer lower prices for their services, meaning more people are able to receive the laser treatments they need and want.

Effectiveness of Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments

In the past, laser tattoo removal was a drawn-out process that wasn’t entirely effective. Depending on your skin pigmentation or the color of your tattoo ink, the laser sessions might not work for you. When the laser isn’t able to properly penetrate the skin and break apart the tattoo ink, each individual session is less effective. This also means you’ll have to wait for the area to fully heal between each session. This cycle of ineffective treatments and extended healing periods has deterred people from even pursuing laser tattoo removal at all, and they then feel like they have to live with their unwanted tattoos forever.


New laser technology has allowed removal specialists to offer more effective treatments in less time. Fewer intermittent healing sessions means you can have your bare skin back sooner. Whether it’s an embarrassing tattoo or just one that you don’t enjoy having anymore, tattoo removal treatments can work for you. The Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to those in need. If you’re just making space for different art or you’re feeling like your tattoos no longer suit you, their laser treatments can help you tremendously.