How to Make Your Home Feel More Lively During Lockdown

Senior Content Editor

The past year has been difficult for everyone. With the emergence of Covid-19, the world was left trying to not only keep themselves and others safe but trying to find activities to keep their sanity intact during these times. Quarantines and lockdowns have also left homeowners with their own specific set of issues.

Trying to make your home feel more lively during a lockdown brings forth its own set of challenges. Whether you’re single, married, or have children, the need to keep things active, entertaining, and comfortable is a must when trying to avoid the world outside. Here, we will discuss a few tips and tricks to help you bring life to your home during the lockdown and make the most of your time inside.

Lockdown is the perfect time to catch up on the entertainment you’ve been missing.


Before lockdown, finding the time to truly embrace proper entertainment in the home was a difficult task. Changing up our decor, adding in our own home additions for better movie viewing or gaming, and simply livening up the place sat on the back burner due to the need for daily responsibilities and chasing the almighty dollar. With more time on our hands, those things have changed.

One of the best ways to get the most out of the entertainment you’ve been missing is by adding a home theater. With the right space, a big screen can open up a room to more uses for the family and more enjoyment. Seeking out advice for creating a home theater starts with picking the perfect spot. Once you have your area, adding touches like a projector, seats, proper lighting, and other accessories will bring your viewing room to life and make for the perfect home theater for whatever entertaining you and your family prefer.

Proper air conditioning is a must when staying at home.


With Covid-19 keeping more people indoors, having a home with a comfortable temperature is a necessity. No matter the type of air conditioning system you use, whether a window unit or HVAC system, keeping it properly maintained and full of refrigerant is a great way to keep it functioning properly and keeping you comfortable. This will also help with your energy consumption, which will lower your monthly electric bills. Saving money on cooling technologies used in homes, whether in lockdown or not, is always a great addition to your life.

Other accessories can make cooling your home more efficient during the lockdown. Curtains are a great way to block out natural light, which in turn, reduces sunlight and fights higher temperatures. These types of drapes can be used for both interior design and functionality, as can blackout shades. You’ll notice your air conditioning unit is working less, while the cool air inside your home stays intact and enjoyable.

A home’s kitchen can be a hub for activity.


Yes, families gather in the living room to spend quality time together and everyone has their own bedroom, but a home’s kitchen is truly the center of activity. Whether you use your kitchen simply for preparing meals or make it a centralized location for the family, livening things up in this area adds a new feel to your home.

You can spruce up the kitchen with plants and wall art, while still keeping it functional. A nice set of herbs in the window, a gorgeous planter, and adding an accent wall are all great starts. Tossing in a bit of artful decor and wall art will simply make things come to life and give you and the family a new room to showcase when the lockdowns have ended.

If being in lockdown is making you feel as though things around your house are boring, livening things up is the perfect way to add a bit of fun to your situation. Keep your mind open to the possibilities and consider out of the box ideas. Your home will feel more alive than you could have ever imagined.