Small Personalized Gifts Moms To-Be Will Love

Staff Writer

There’s nothing quite like finding out you’re having a baby or welcoming that baby into the world. Anyone who has been a mother knows there’s nothing like that feeling. If you’re one of the grandparents or another family member or just a good friend of the mom-to-be, then you’re probably just as nervous and excited as the soon-to-be parents are.

Now that the holiday season is coming up fast, it’s time to start thinking about the right gifts for the mom-to-be. Of course, you want something that fits in the category of keepsakes for the mom and the precious cargo she’s carrying. As a caring family member, you’ve already gotten the mom-to-be to join Truly Mama to get help with everything from parenting advice to advice to survive her pregnancy. The site is full of great advice for expectant and new moms on everything from the best products to buy to advice on cravings and swollen feet. In this article, you can find a few of the best small personalized gifts to give the mom-to-be this holiday season that she’ll love and cherish forever.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments


There’s nothing like giving the gift of a Christmas ornament to someone you love, especially if it’s a custom ornament that has the baby’s first Christmas on it. You can give the newlyweds a family ornament as well to commemorate their wedding day. Personalized Christmas ornaments are extremely popular and make wonderful presents to celebrate a new baby.

Personalized Christmas Stocking


What new baby doesn’t need a Christmas stocking? Whether it says baby’s first Christmas or has a picture of the bundle of joy in the center, a personalized stocking will make mama very happy this upcoming Christmas season. Make sure to give her a few things to put into the stocking if the baby is due before Christmas as well, to add extra meaning to your gift.

Personalized Photo Frame


One of the best gifts out there for a mom-to-be or a new mother is a personalized photo frame. You can have one made with the baby’s birthday on it, or even with mom and baby’s name instead. You can even make the frame personalized to include the entire family: mommy, daddy, and baby-to-be.

Mommy Gift Basket


Now that you have a few gifts in mind for the mom-to-be to celebrate the coming of her bundle of joy, how about some gifts for the mother herself? One gift that any expectant mother would love is a mommy gift basket. Add a gift card to a basket full of things to pamper the expectant mother with, such as slippers, bubble bath, and books to lounge around in front of the fire. Most expectant mothers need to relax while they can. Help your mommy-to-be by giving her the stuff to relax with.

Your Time


As an expectant mother gets closer and closer to her due date, the list of things she needs to accomplish seems to grow. As a caring friend or family member, you can take a lot off her plate by just offering to help. Get a list of what she still needs to get done, whether it’s setting up the nursery or stocking up on diapers and burp cloths, then head out to get these things done for her. There’s nothing better as a present for an expectant mom during the holidays than help doing the things that need to be done.

These are just a few gifts that you can get a mom-to-be for Christmas. From personalized gifts that involve the baby to gifts that are just for the mama herself, she will thank you.