The Ultimate Guide for Moving to Oklahoma

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Are you bracing for a move to the Sooner State? Well, you better get on it sooner rather than later. Now that that bad pun is out of the way, there’s a lot that goes into moving, especially if you’re going from one state to another. If you’ve found work in Oklahoma, or are heading there for school or family, here are some things to keep in mind to make your move that much easier.

Packing Up


If you’re moving to Tulsa or any other part of Oklahoma, you’ll want to first get an idea of your surroundings. When looking for a new home or apartment, be sure to do some research on each particular ZIP code that you may have in mind. This will allow you to look for a convenient place to live that may be close to a new job, or is close to the nightlife of downtown Tulsa that may be more suitable for your lifestyle. Make sure to check your lease agreement on your new place if you’re renting to consider all options available to you.

When packing up your old home, look into the services of movers to help you, especially if it’s a lengthier journey across state lines. Be sure to work alongside a moving crew by color-coding boxes, and properly labeling materials so that they’ll have a better understanding of where you may want to have your belongings put inside your new household. Make sure as you pack to set aside necessities that you’ll absolutely need night one in your new place. This will save you from scrounging boxes for a toothbrush and a fresh set of clothes.

Hitting the Road


If you’re hiring a moving company to help you relocate, make sure to evaluate your options based on your average price. While you may want a low-cost option, you’ll want to look deep into your quotes. Movers vary in how much they charge by the hour. They may also have an additional administrative fee you weren’t expecting. Even if you think you have the perfect solution, make sure to have a backup option just in case something happens last second. This is especially important if it’s not a local move.

When moving anywhere in the United States, figure out your logistics. If you have family members and friends that are willing to assist with the move, don’t hesitate to take the help in any capacity. You may even have friends in Tulsa who can help you move in and take in the oil capital of the world. Take in the Tulsa Zoo or Oklahoma Aquarium, or just a gathering place to get a bite to eat.

Settling In


If your new home isn’t ready and you’re taken to say a studio apartment temporarily, don’t hesitate to search online for “small storage units near me“. This will provide some temporary peace of mind that your belongings are being safely protected in a storage facility. Look into the security features available, especially with the potential for 24-hour access so that you can grab any of your personal items whenever you may need them.

Putting this material in a storage unit will curb some of the stress of moving. Be sure to consider your storage options nearby your new home, whether you plan on bringing those belongings with you or just selling them off for downsizing.

The right storage unit can also hold any seasonal items if your storage space at home is limited. This is a good option for college students in Oklahoma You can keep the items from your dorm in a self-storage unit while you go back home for winter break, or a longer period of time if you plan on settling in elsewhere. Check into costs and security to find the storage unit that’s right for your needs.