4 Things to Look for in a Reputable Supplement Manufacturer

Staff Editor

A supplement manufacturer offers your business the ability to streamline their operations, handling the most difficult aspects of your business so that you can focus on marketing your digital storefront. The issue? Not all supplement manufacturers are made the same, which means that you have to do your research and pay close attention to who you’re partnering with. If you plan on relying on a supplement manufacturer for your creation or fulfillment needs, use this guide to identify four things to look for in a reputable supplement manufacturer that’ll make all the difference.

1. Do they have certifications for their operations?



In order to provide you with the best possible supplement products, many supplement manufacturers will have multiple certifications that demonstrate their level of commitment to making high-quality products. For example, if you look at a company like Makers Nutrition, you’ll notice that they have a GMP certification, which is given to facilities that follow FDA guidelines and have systems in place to produce high-quality products, as well as a seal indicating that they’re an FDA registered facility. While these two certifications are the most essential, you’ll find that they’re a member of the Natural Products Association and are verified by Dun and Broadstreet. Put simply, you’ll want to look for certification to ensure that they’re adhering to proper safety guidelines and producing their products responsibly.

2. How do they handle their inventory and ensure its quality?



In addition to certification, you’ll want to pay attention to how they store their inventory and the level of transparency that’s involved in their product lines. If they keep the products stocked in their own facility, make sure that they keep it safely sealed, in a cool environment where it won’t be affected by heat or other contaminants, and follow other safety precautions in order to keep your formulas safe. Do your research to dive deeper into their operations and how they handle the products you’ll ultimately be giving your customers. You’ll also want to check and make sure that they test their products and can offer you a product analysis so you can guarantee the quality of each product you order and send out.

3. Do they offer essential services like custom formulation, private labeling, and fulfillment?

Arguably the most important aspect of a reputable supplement manufacturer for your business, you’ll most likely want a company that’s capable of offering you custom formulation, private labeling so that you can brand your own products, and, if you’re really seeking out convenience, support with fulfillment so that you only have to worry about running your online storefront.


For example, let’s imagine that you’re interested in developing a high-quality prostate support product. To get the right product, you’ll want a manufacturer that’ll allow you to create an effective supplement that uses a wide variety of natural ingredients like nettle root, pumpkin seed, and pygeum. With this type of flexibility when creating products for your customers, you can easily customize supplements to help you stand out from your competition and make an impact in the industry.

4. Do they have the experience and reputation needed to foster trust?



Of course, the biggest problem when working with businesses is that all of these statements could be invented in order to draw business towards the company. The key to finding a reputable company is to look into their past in order to ensure that they have more experience than other companies as well as the reviews to back their products up. Always check out a company before you reach out to them so that you avoid potential scams when looking for support for your business.


Finding a reputable supplement manufacturer can be difficult. That being said, there are certain things to look for that can help you narrow down your options. If you’re looking for a supplement manufacturer for your online business, use the guide above to dive deeper into the most important details you need to search for when approaching a potential supplement company for your business’s needs.