Essential Tips for Trendy Accessorizing When You Travel

Lifestyle Editor

Traveling isn’t just about seeing new sights: It’s about creating an entire experience for yourself. Part of that experience is what you wear! Picture the color stone jewelry you’re wearing in Miami or the cashmere scarf and coat you strut in while walking the cobblestone streets of London. Your ensemble and your accessories can very well make or break your travel experience. When you visit someplace new, accessorizing can make you feel more confident as you show off your personal style. Here are a few essential tips for trendy accessorizing when you travel.

Pack color-coordinated clothing items.


This is a really practical way to pack. When your clothes are color-coordinated, you can mix and match different pieces to build a variety of outfits. Staying within the same color scheme makes it easier to pick out what to wear before you step out of your hotel room. Plus, if all of your outfits are within the same color palette, then it ensures that all of your accessories will go well with them. This tip works out perfectly for people who tend to gravitate toward the same colors. Take a good look at your closet and start building outfits with the same tones.

Accessorize according to the weather.


Open up your weather app and check the 10-day forecast! How’s it looking? What are the chances of rain? Is there going to be any wind? While you’re taking a road trip visiting the landmarks of the Mississippi Blues Trail, you may want to think about dressing for the occasion. A corduroy baseball cap can protect you from the harsh sunshine while a clear umbrella will protect you from rainfall but still allow you to see the sights. When you accessorize according to the weather, you’re choosing to be stylish and functional!

Take a risk and try a new trend.


When you’re traveling, you tend to take on a new identity. The version of you in Paris is hardly the same you at home. It’s because travel reinvigorates you and sparks something new. Take this time to expand your usual personal style and take a risk with your fashion. Try colored stones trends for your jewelry instead of your basic gold pieces. Pair motorcycle gloves with your mini skirt. Buy yourself an astonishingly tiny purse just as all the other fashionistas do. Walk around the city feeling different, new, and unlike you. Who knows? You might find yourself making bolder choices when you arrive home.

Use an accessory to make a statement.


If you’re having trouble getting dressed, choose an accessory to build your outfit around. It could be a bold watch that you’re using to stick to your itinerary or a colored stone ring with a sapphire center. Once you’ve chosen your accessory, start picking out any pieces that could potentially go well with it. Maybe you can choose an ivory silk blouse to show off your ring or wear black from head to toe so that you can emphasize the boldness of your watch. Getting dressed while you travel doesn’t have to be difficult! Start with one thing you’re looking forward to wearing and build from there.

What’s the point of traipsing around Rome or sunbathing along the Amalfi Coast if you aren’t dressed to the nines? Regardless of whether you’re the type of person to post on social media or if you prefer to keep it low-key, travel and fashion go hand in hand. The more places you visit, the more you learn about yourself. And the more you learn about yourself, the more you develop your sense of style. So, take these tips to heart and use trendy accessories as you travel in style!