How to Feel Sexy Again Having Your First Child

Staff Writer

Having your first child is an amazing experience that creates many emotions that you may never have felt before. You’ll be filled with love, joy, and awe, but you’ll probably also feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and unsure. You may feel devoted to doing everything perfectly for your baby while also feeling like everything you’re doing is wrong.

What many women may not realize before having a child is that you’ll also start to feel differently about yourself. Once you define yourself as a mother, you may have difficulty connecting to previous versions of yourself. For example, you may experience a change in friends as not all of your friends will blend well into your new life as a mother. You’ll want to connect with other moms, which will lead you to change where you spend your time. Instead of hanging out in coffee shops, you may find yourself in the children’s room of your local library.

Along with those changes in your feelings and view of yourself, you may experience changes in your romantic relationship. While becoming a mother is a beautiful thing, and your body has accomplished something utterly fantastic, you may have difficulty feeling comfortable or sexy in your new body. While every woman is different, pregnancy often brings stretch marks, sagging skin, extra weight, and a redistribution of weight. You may notice that you carry more weight in your lower abdomen. Even if you have a supportive partner who does everything possible to make you feel sexy, unless you can embrace it, your confidence will suffer.
Here are some ideas that may help you feel sexy again after having your first child.

Start exercising


First of all, you do not need to lose weight to feel sexy. Being and feeling sexy is about your confidence. However, exercising can help make you feel sexy again, whether you lose weight or not. Exercising releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Additionally, exercise is a proven stress reliever and effective in combatting depression. You’ll have more energy and feel more able to keep up with your new life and little one, which will improve your confidence and allow you to feel sexy.

Get rid of your stretch marks.


While some may assume stretch marks are part of your new normal, there are products and treatments available that can dramatically lessen the appearance of stretch marks or make them disappear completely. If you’ve been asking how to get rid of stretch marks, you should know that Leading Edge Health has some information and recommendations for you. If you are interested in non-medical options, you can buy a lotion, cream, or oil that has one of several ingredients proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. These ingredients include vitamin e, cocoa butter, retinoid, and citric acid. There are plenty of home remedies you can try that are not expensive. Stretch mark removal doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated with stretch mark creams to help you out.

Wear sexy lingerie.


Wearing sexy lingerie and watching your partner’s eyes grow wide as you enter the room can boost anyone’s confidence. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are sexy and fierce, and all the physical reminders that you just had a child are there to remind you what an amazing and powerful body you have. Buy lace panties, a corset, or even a teddy. Choose women’s lingerie that makes you feel sexy and comfortable even if it isn’t the type of lingerie you wore before having a child. Match your new babydoll nightie with a pair of high heels and look at yourself in the mirror. Add some red lipstick, which has been proven through research to boost a woman’s confidence, and then walk into your bedroom like a queen.