What Your Jewelry Says About Your Personality

Staff Writer

Your taste in jewelry isn’t just a reflection of your style but also your personality as a whole. The placement of your jewelry and the kind of precious stones, shapes, and pieces you tend to gravitate toward can make a bold statement about who you are to others. So what is your jewelry style saying to people about you?



If you are drawn to antique jewels, then you’re probably an interesting individual who loves items with a story behind them. Most likely, you don’t go for brand-name pieces and instead prefer unique gemstone rings filled with a sense of history. For you, what you wear is art, and you’re most likely a trendsetter.



If you love a classic, elegant look like a string of pearls or a diamond ring, then you are probably someone with traditional values. Maybe you long for the days of the Golden Age of Hollywood or have a modest, retro style. You may like a feminine touch and prefer jewelry that goes with everything like a simple sterling silver ring or a stunning tennis bracelet. You always want to appear poised and graceful and understated gemstones and jewels do just that.



Matching sets like a yellow gold necklace and earrings or color-coordinated jewelry typically appeals to professional types. These jewelry wearers may be highly organized, responsible, and give great advice. They may prefer a polished, sensible style that commands respect and authority.



If your jewelry tends to be made from sea glass, seashells, driftwood, or other natural items, then you might be a down-to-earth soul who loves spending time outdoors. People who own recycled or handmade jewelry or seek out various crystals like amethyst, aquamarine, topaz, lapis lazuli, and opal are probably great conservationists. You may be drawn toward tranquil and earthy gemstones like turquoise, tourmaline, jade, moonstone, and garnet. You may even be curious about the meaning behind the gems you possess. Learn about your crystals’ healing properties and geological history from renowned lawyer and mineral enthusiast, Howard Fensterman.



Are you someone who sports fashionable designer items like Michael Kors, Tiffany, and Juicy Couture? Then you are probably someone who appreciates high-quality pieces that scream success. You are most likely a hard worker who stops at nothing to accomplish your goals. You like jewelry that makes you feel like royalty. So go ahead and splurge on that five-carat diamond necklace. Because you know you’re worth it.



Do you love fun, costume jewelry in bold, bright colors? Do you usually go for big hoops, statement necklaces, and oversized rings? Then you are probably a social butterfly with a bubbly personality. You love to be the center of attention and people are usually drawn to your spunky personality and cheery persona. If certain colors speak to you, that also says something about your personality. Red usually signifies an outgoing individual. Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. Pink is passionate and romantic. Green jewelry like peridot and emerald showcases sincerity while blue jewels like sapphire represent empathy.



Simple certainly doesn’t mean plain. Maybe you are the kind of jewelry wearer who goes for a delicate necklace that lets its brilliance stand out just on its own. Instead of large gemstones and bright colors, you prefer sleek, polished pieces like metal rings or sterling silver studs. You don’t need a lot to make a statement and you understand that less often means more. You are probably a well-balanced and considerate person who doesn’t like showing off.



Jewelry doesn’t have to just mean around your neck or on your fingers. Jewels that are piercings can also make a bold statement and symbolize nonconformity and rebellion. While it’s fairly ordinary nowadays to see people with a stud in their nose or a belly button ring, it still says a lot about your personality if you do sport piercings.