How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

Lifestyle Editor

For most homeowners, the ideal “dream” remodel project is a new bathroom loaded with fresh concepts and cost-saving efficiency. For those buyers just now moving into a new home, the customized aspects of a new bathroom can be as simple as stating preferences to the general contractor. However, if you’re the owner of an older home, a full revamp home improvement project may be in order.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in interior design or plumbing to integrate some stylish elements and energy-efficient appliances into your new bathroom. In fact, a little research and creativity (along with the help of a professional bathroom planner), can go a long way. Here, we will look at some ways to plan your own bathroom remodel, ultimately giving you and your family the new bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Bathroom Layout and Design


There are as many factors in a remodeling project as there are solutions. If you don’t have a favorite bathroom design already in mind, first consider the space itself, especially the room size and square feet of the floor plan. Ask yourself if you’re looking for a full shower or bathtub replacement or a first-time installation. Keep in mind that your fixtures accumulate their fair share of normal wear and tear and new designs can be much more efficient. It’s important to consult a plumber regarding the specifics of the septic system, water heater, and hookup to your central air HVAC or air conditioner ductwork. Remember that these important functions should come before any decor expenses. Once all the necessary plumbing renovations are well-handled, then the fun of the bathroom design process can begin!

When beginning your design process, you should research interior design magazines, as well as hire a professional designer. Many interior designers are great at making valid creative suggestions for your new bathroom, along with recommendations for discounts and the best deal on optional add-ons. This can come in handy if you decide to install a new vanity with matching cabinets, or opt for matching floor tile and countertops. You can also narrow down your options by trying some interior design software, such as a 3D bathroom planner, which gives both a visual sketch of the finished project, as well as a rough estimate on the final cost. Keep in mind, however, that only with a professional designer will your new bathroom project reach its full potential. A designer working hand-in-hand with a reputable contractor or plumbing technician can guarantee the room’s final beauty and customer satisfaction.

Bathroom Appliances and Warranties


As you begin to select the major appliances and fixtures that will make up your bathroom motif, there’s another third-party company you should consult for the best deal on each item: an independent home warranty company. Much like the purchases associated with kitchen remodels, such as a new refrigerator and dishwasher, your bathroom appliances should be properly covered with a warranty.

In fact, all major systems in your house and home appliances should be under a total plan with optional coverage for financial protection. However, your bathroom’s appliances and fixtures are especially important. According to AFC Home Club, one of the best home warranty companies in Florida, known among Florida homeowners for their coverage options and staff of qualified technicians, having a home warranty can provide homeowners with much-needed peace of mind. Often, the comprehensive coverage of proper homeowner insurance or a manufacturer’s warranty isn’t always available, as there are specific situations where exclusions or a higher service fee or deductible prevents people from getting certain important coverage options. Likewise, some types of coverage or home insurance that could protect their financial investments in major appliances may be ruled out due to an expired or voided warranty.

However, with a solid home warranty and comprehensive plan from an independent warranty company, you don’t have those same concerns. It’s a good idea to consult customer reviews in your area, finding out which companies’ coverage plans offer on-call service technician dispatch, and extended warranty add-on coverage. Always check the fine print for a higher service fee outside of the most basic plan. Luckily, most warranty companies will not only provide a free quote for comprehensive coverage, as well as a certain amount of free service calls, but discounts on coverage of other major appliances. After your bathroom remodeling project is complete, a good appliance plan will extend its additional coverage to your home’s dishwasher, stoves, and garbage disposal, as well as the laundry room’s washer and dryer.