How to Plan a Girls Night Out

Staff Writer

One thing’s for certain — life gets tough. In difficult moments, every woman needs a tribe of besties to lift her spirits. If you’re experiencing a particularly difficult season right now, maybe it’s time to get out for a while. Put the phone down, step away from work, and reconnect with your tribe. Here are a few quick tips to plan the perfect girls’ night out.

Glam Squad

One of the best parts of a proper GNO is getting ready. Instead of separate preparations, plan to get ready together. Pack your essentials, meet up at one house, and get the night going! Crank up the music, swap beauty secrets, and be prepared for the ultimate glam session!

Want to make the most of your makeup look? Use magnetic eyeliner and lashes to make your luscious lashes last! Skip the messy glue of traditional falsies and let the magnetic liner work its magic! All you have to do is place the product along your lash line, apply the lash strip with your fingers or tweezers, and voila! The perfect false lashes without applying damaging glue to your eyelid or ruining your eye makeup. This is all the go right now!

Transportation Station

Map out your ride in advance. Whether you choose to use public transit, designate a driver, or use a ride-share service, you want to be prepared. If you make a plan in advance, it’s one less distraction from your night of freedom. Whatever you choose, be responsible and respectful of everyone in the group.

For the best experience, take turns being the “group mom.” This friend sticks to club sodas and water and makes sure that everyone enjoys the night while staying safe. If you constantly rotate this responsibility, everyone gets to enjoy their time together without resentment of one person consistently being the Debbie Downer!

Mix It Up

While it can be fun to revisit your favorite places, be sure to change things up every now and again. Find the newest hotspot in town, try somewhere you’ve never been, or pick a place completely at random. When you get to your destination, order a meal or cocktail you’ve never tried before. Set out on a mission to have a night of new experiences.

When you step out of your normal habits, it can reset your mind and body while revitalizing your energy. If you don’t try new things or attempt new experiences, it can lead to monotonous living. Fully immerse yourself in the freedom of time with your favorite gals. Challenge each other to step out of your comfort zone — safely, of course — and let loose a little.

Kickin’ It Old School

What better way to end your girl’s night than with a good old-fashioned slumber party? Pick a place to crash for the night, grab your air mattresses or sleeping bags, and settle in for some quality girl time. If you’re of age, stop by the liquor store on your way home for vodka, rum, and tequila, and get ready for cocktails and gossip!

Use this time together to fully unload what’s been weighing you down. It’s okay to let the tears flow and smudge your makeup. Behind the fabulous hair and false eyelashes are beautiful hearts and real people. The beauty of a girl’s night out that ends with a girl’s night in is that you’re strengthening your relationships. Let yourself exhale the heaviness while you’re out and inhale the support when you get back in. It’s important that what you pour out into your friendships is equal to what you take in. No matter where you go or what you do, the best part of any girl’s night out will always be the girls you spend it with.