40s moleskin

[1940's moleskin work wear jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around, Vintage shirt, C-OF-H Man raw denim, Dansko clogs] 

Classics are just that for a reason. Just how a jacket from the 40s can seamlessly blend into 2014, Alexander Wang for H&M claimed Williamsburg. 

the morning after [film]

[Richer-Poorer underwear]

Sleepy mornings and foggy farewells. 

35mm Film Photos by Madeleine Kathleen

the night before [film]

Farewells are best spent with wine and stories, talking into the night. 

35mm Film Photos by Courtney Reams

high rise [editorial]

Taking the rise higher, waist-sitting boot cut Levi's become my go to for a season of 70s delight. 

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