classic specs

[American Apparel beanie, Classic Specs Prescott sunglasses, Club Monaco sweatshirt, Blank Denim waxed jean, Timberland boots]

When you can't go home for the Holidays, you spend it with friends and more friends. Erica and I spent a bit of Thanksgiving in Long Island, soaking in the water views in our new favorite Brooklyn-based glasses gurus, Classic Specs! Check back more on these guys later. 

Photos by Steph

mohair sun [editorial]

[Vintage mohair sweaters, Vintage 70s Levi's, ASOS white shoes, Coach black Bryce boots]

Hairy, shaggy, fluffy and puffy, bring sweaters to life with mohair this winter. 

cashmere shadows [editorial]

[Vintage coat, Brooks Brothers cashmere turtleneck, Ollin Enzo short sleeve shirtQuinn cashmere 'Carlyle' pantASOS socks, Camper Mil creepers]

Cruel intentions with cashmere starts now.

Photos by Jorge Concha

1 pant, 3 looks [look 3]

Look 3

[C of H Man denim jacketVintage shirt, Topman flecked trousersJ. Crew socks, Puma x Alexander McQueen Ruffien II sneakers, American Apparel pink beanie]

Sometimes on a Monday, you just want to be comfortably ready for the week. Keep it smart with the perfect pants but pair it with your favorite vintage tee, a great jean or leather jacket and some slick kicks for a punch! 

Photos by Erica Lavelanet

1 pant, 3 looks [look 2]

Look 2

Look 2 is all about a Sunday around town. Grab your favorite boots and sweater - go! 

Photos by Erica Lavelanet

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