bts: south of the border part 1

[Penguin polo, Vintage Adidas shorts]

[What Goes Around Comes Around 1940's Aloha shirt, AWAX Argentina backpack, Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses] at Plaza de Mayo, Buenos Aires

[Boast shorts (similar),  Blublocker sunglasses, Havaianas flip flops]

[Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses] at Post 11, Rio de Janeiro

[What Goes Around Comes Around vintage mesh tank, 60's McGregor vintage swimsuit]

[Lacoste polo, 60's McGregor vintage swimsuit] at Escadaria Selaron, Rio de Janiero

Post 11, Rio de Janeiro

Just a few more behind the scenes (selfies) from my trip to South America and not my typical #brooklynbarselfies

buenos aires paintings

[What Goes Around Comes Around 1940's Aloha shirt, C of H Man white selvedge denim, Nike Air Max 90]

[Only NY floral leatherback, Beacon's Closet Bushwick vintage shirt, L Train Vintage shorts]

[What Goes Around Comes Around vintage tank, Boast shorts (similar)]

[What Goes Around Comes Around vintage tank, Retromarine shorts, Nike Air Max 90]

[L Train Vintage, Nike Air Max 90, Blublocker sunglasses]

[What Goes Around Comes Around vintage tank, Mackeene swimsuit]

[What Goes Around Comes Around 1940's Aloha shirt, C of H Man white selvedge denim, Nike Air Max 90, AWAX Argentina backpack]

The colorful walls and detailing of Buenos Aires provided the perfect backdrop for the technicolor dream world I was living in.  The buildings told stories of personalities instead of era with pinks walls, purple railings and turquoise shutters. The skies were the limit especially in my favorite neighborhood, El Caminito, which was like a Solange video IRL. 

Photos by Emily and Saira
in Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires

brazilian technicolor dreamin'

[What Goes Around Comes Around vintage mesh tank, 60's McGregor vintage swimsuit]

Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janiero

[Lacoste polo, 60's McGregor vintage swimsuit]

[Only NY leatherback, What Goes Around Comes Around vintage swimsuit and nylon jersey, Havaianas flip flops]

Rio from Christ the Redeemer

[Lacoste polo, 60's McGregor vintage swimsuit, Nike Air Max 90 at Escadaria Selaron]

[Isaora jacket, Mackeene shorts, Nike Air Max 90]

I've said it once, I'll say it again. My trip to South America was a themed one, one large editorial if you will. The inspiration? Days of travel past to the newly re-opened, to Americans, Cuba with a side of 70s porno to boot. 

Mesh tanks, little polos and even smaller shorts paired with a mustache, aviators and a bit of print- can't get much better. 

Photos by Emily and Saira
in Rio de Janeiro and Iguazu Falls

winter grooming essentials

[Top L to R: Baxter of California comb, The Art of Shaving mustache comb, Baxter of California super close shave formula, Kiehl's Facial Fuel, Reiss scent, Baxter of California deodorant, The Art of Shaving mustache scissors, Vaughn lip balm from Birchbox Man]
[Bottom L to R: Mt. Sapola lemongrass body lotion from Birchbox Man,  Baxter of California comb, The Art of Shaving mustache scissors, The Art of Shaving mustache comb, Lab Series age rescue water-charged gel cream, American Crew alternator]

Winter's can be tough, especially on your skin.  Check out some of my favorites for fighting the Arctic chill and keeping your face and hair in check.

For the mustache I'm currently sporting, The Art of Shaving's Movember mustache kit is essential to my routine as of late. For moisture, Lab Series makes a 'water-charged' cream that is instantly hydrating and Mt. Sapola's lemongrass body lotion is a heaven-sent. And my go-to grooming guys, Baxter of California make the best deodorant that keeps you fresh, even with all these layers. 

blurred layers

[Kenneth Cole black wool topcoat, Vintage 40s navy linen work wear coat from What Goes Around Comes Around, Brooks Brothers cashmere turtleneck, ASOS pants, Nike Air Max 90s]

These past few weeks getting ready for Christmas and New Years and my travels to South America have been a dazed. Next stop- RIO! Bye topcoats and layers, hello mesh and the shortest shorts imaginable. See you on the other side! 


Photos by Nathan Anthony

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