• Top Ayurvedic Tips for a Healthy Skin

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Natural Remedies for Healthy Nails

Healthy nails look pretty. Nails play an important role in determining the first impression of a person. Consider this: would you like to shake hands with someone who has long, broken and discoursed nails or someone who has healthy-looking, clean nails? Taking care of your nails is very important.

Healthy looking nails are good for your enjoyment. Outlined here below are the proven home remedies that can help you in achieving healthy-looking nails. These are simple ingredients that you can easily get at home. They do not have any side effects because they are purely natural.


These are among the best sources of vitamin C and A. The two vitamins are helpful in strengthening the nails. Tomatoes are also loaded with vitamin B7 which is needed for healthier skin, nails, hair, and skin. It is consumed by drinking its juice. Its slices can also be added to sandwiches or salads. They are also found in tomato paste and tomato sauce.tomatoes

Nettle tea

This is another effective natural remedy for stronger and healthier nails. It is rich in vitamins that form new nail cells and tissues. This tea is prepared by adding organic nettle leaves to hot water. Addition of a natural sweetener then follows this. For stronger nails, you should drink this juice daily.

Blackstrap molasses

These are bittersweet syrups that are used as natural sweeteners. Unlike with the other sweeteners, this syrup is rich in minerals and vitamins which are found in cane sugar plants. Most of these nutrients and vitamins are stripped away when refined sugar is being manufactured. It is added to warm tea or water to get healthier nails.


This is another potent herb that is known for promoting healthier nail growth. You can use it to make your nails stronger. It is loaded with nail-strengthening minerals and vitamins. This tea is prepared by adding organic horsetail in the warm water. A sweetener can be added to improve its taste. For best results, you should take this juice daily.horsetail


It is also referred to as vitamin H. It is one of the vital nutrients that promote the production of keratin. It is a fibrous protein that forms the main components of nails, hair, and skin. It is found in the following foods: nuts, whole grains, fish, legumes, and eggs. It can also be obtained in vegetables and fruits. Biotin supplements are also readily available.…

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Top Ayurvedic Tips for a Healthy Skin

It is the dream of every girl to have a beautiful and charming skin. People have been using ayurvedic treatment for the last 5,000 years. It is helpful in protecting and healing the skin naturally. It does not have any lasting impact or and side effects, in fact, many people are running form the conventional product that contain harsh ingredients. This article is going to discuss the ayurvedic beauty tips that can help you in achieving healthy, glowing skin. These tips are simple and easy to use.

Eating a lot of vegetables

A nourishing diet will always keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It is loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins needed for the formation of new cells. This means that you should eat healthy and fresh veggies such as lettuce, radish, cucumber, carrot e.t.c. These foods are helpful in regenerating skin cells, improving digestion, making the skin glowing and smooth, and reducing skin problems.vegetables

Keeping the skin dehydrated

This is another great way of keeping your body healthy. Applying rose water can also help you in keeping the skin hydrated. Green tea is also healthier for the skin. Increasing the amount of water that you take daily is highly recommended.

Getting healthy sleep

The skin should be given ample time to rest just like the other organs of the body. You should have a sound sleep of about eight or seven hours daily. Any device that might disrupt your normal sleep should be kept away. Lack of sleep is known for causing dark circles, and ladies may not like that.

Meditation and yoga

Having a relaxed mind and body is helpful in reducing stress and easing your sound and mind. Many people have been practising meditation and yoga to get rid of worries, stress, and anxiety. Having frequent massages can also help you in relaxing your body. The use of organic or herbal oil has been proven to be effective in calming down the skin and making it radiant and sheen.yoga

Removing scars or acne

Aloe vera gel is beneficial in making the skin smooth. You can also use it to remove acne and scars from your face. You can either get this gel from the market or grow the aloe vera plant at home. Raw honey is also helpful in removing scars from the skin. In addition to this, honey can also be mixed with cinnamon to produce a paste. The paste produces is effective in cleaning the skin spores and preventing acne.…